About Us

We Are Top Lawyers With 10 Years Of Experience

The Whole Team of Worldwide Legal Service brings a strong and fearless attitude to all the clients they assist. And, to make sure that you win, our team will provide you with High-quality service.

Long Experience

We have years of experience to serve our clients within minimum period of time with full satisfaction of the clients.

Professional Attorneys

We are a team of experienced legal professionals. We believe on the professional ethics and morality both on litigation and corporate.

Legal Service

We provide legal service to the one seeking for it on a reasonable price. We are always dedicated for the expected result of our clients.

Free Consulting

We always welcome the clients for free legal counselling beyond the office hours.

24/7 Support

We are always available to help/assist the clients on any feasible way.

Case Success/ Client Satisfaction

We are successful on most of the case we represent on the court. Concerning the corporate, we assure the satisfaction of the client and we have been receiving positive response from the clients till the date.

About Us

We Are Top Lawyers With 10 Years Of Experience

Worldwide Legal Service is a team of legal professionals providing expert legal services, legal advice and assistance in Nepal. The team provides clients with professional legal advice regarding all matters relating to litigation, intellectual property (Patent, Design and Trademark), Corporate services including company registration, FDI facilitation, NGO/INGO registration, immigration related legal services and legal drafting. 

  • 100% Success Rate
  • No Need Extra Cost for Consultation
  • Expert Legal Service
  • Highly Recommendation
  • Fast Support
  • High Court Performance
  • Free Counseling
  • Quick Complete Case

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Our Squad of Professional Attorneys is devoted to your Progress & to achieve your Goal. Our Law Firm supports our clients for various versatile cases and to get justice.

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