The marriage rituals differ among different ethnic groups in Nepal. Marriage is the social, spiritual, cultural and legal union between a man and a woman as husband and wife. In Nepal, marriage is not just the union of bride and groom but the establishment of the relationship between the families.

With the implementation of the new ‘Muluki Civil Code 2017, new legal provisions regarding marriage have been enforced. The registration of marriage is governed by Chapter on Marriage of Civil Code 2017 (2074). Civil Code incorporates marriage-related provisions from Section 67 to Section 84.

Section 70 of the Muluki Civil Code 2074, lists the following criteria for a man and a woman to get married.

  1. Both man and woman accept each other as wife and husband
  2. If the couple is not related by blood such that they can’t be punished for incest.
  3. If man and woman are not already married.
  4. If both are above 20 years of age.

However, the law has created a reservation for the caste (tribe) in which it is culturally acceptable to marry one’s relatives.


Procedural of Court Marriage in Nepal:

If both man and woman desire to conclude marriage by registration, they shall file an application in the concerned District Court.

Document required for Registration Marriage:

  1. Application of registration
  2. Copy of citizenship certificate of Man
  3. Copy of Citizenship certificate of Woman
  4. Copy of Citizenship certificate of witness for Man.
  5. Copy of Citizenship certificate of witness for woman.
  6. 4 copies of passport size photo of man and woman.
  7. Certified Letter from ward office for temporary address. Both must have resided since at least (15) fifteen days.
  8. Letter from the ward office of male and female stating the both male and female are either unmarried.
  9. Copy of Divorce if man or woman are divorcee.
  10. No objection letter from concerned Embassy if man or woman is foreigner.
  11. Translated copy with notary of Marriage law of foreign land if man or woman is foreigner.
  12. Copy of passport if man or woman is foreigner.


Disclaimer: This writing is prepared to share general information only and for legal purposes, advice of legal professionals is must. 




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