EXIM Code refers to Export Import code with 13 letters. Any institution or establishment whether manufacturing or trading engaged in import and export of any goods and services has to obtain the EXIM Code. "Export" means the act of taking of goods out of Nepal to a foreign country. "Import" means the act of bringing of goods into Nepal from a foreign country.

EXIM Code should be updated or renewed annually extending the Bank Guarantee for one more term. Anyone desirous to update the code exceeding a year can extend by submitting the bank guarantee for more than one year. Previous same EXIM Code remains valid until it is revoked.

Filing requirements for EXIM Code Registration in Nepal

  1. Online registration form
  2. Citizenship of applicant or if company is partnership firm citizenship of all partners, share log book, partnership agreement etc.
  3. Minute of the Board of directors
  4. Passport size photo
  5. PAN/VAT Certificate
  6. Tax clearance Certificate
  7. Bank guarantees Document of Rs. 300,000 from commercial Bank.
  8. Recommendation from bank ( as per schedule- 2)
  9. Location Map
  10. Other related document(if any)

Note: - Power of Attorney, duly signed, sealed of applicant/company.

 Registration Procedure

  1. Registered in department of commerce.
  2. If you are registered as company in Company Registration Office and not registered in Department of commerce you have to registered at Department of commerce also by paying tax in NMB Bank as per your capital.
  3. Get a bank guarantee of Rs. 300,000 from commercial Bank (i.e. ‘A’ class financial institution)
  4. Fill the application form available at click EXIM Code.
  5. Print your application and submit the printed application along with certificate of incorporation, PAN certificate, excise duty license, tax clearance certificate, letter of Bank, original bank guarantee paper and citizenship certificate etc.

After fulfilling all the requirements Department of custom will issue EXIM code. Anyone can print certificate of EXIM code from the online portal as per guideline.

We do not require to pay any fees in Customs office to get EXIM Code. EXIM code can be renewed every last month of each fiscal year.

Disclaimer: This writing is prepared to share general information only and for legal purpose, advice of legal professionals is must. 




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