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We maintain all the legal documents and papers and start to reach our destination in a legal way.

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Our institution provides clients with capable practicing lawyers. Our lawyers can provide legal representation to our clients and facilitate the cl...


Litigation isn’t always the way for resolving disputes. Our institution encourages the clients for an alternative approach to dispute settlem...

Foreign Investment

Foreign investors planning to invest in Nepal can rely on the aid provided by our knowledgeable and experienced team. Our team facilitates the whol...

Legal Drafting

Our institution provides the client with proficient drafts with experience of legal drafting. Accurate and valid drafting is the prime concern of our...

Intellectual Property Rights

Registration and renewal of trademark, patent, design, and copyright are concerns of intellectual property rights. Our institution facilitates the abo...

Energy and Hydropower Development

We provide advisory and facilitation services:-

  1. assist on making application for license from department of energy
  2. to...

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